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Fish and seafood from the north sea and beyond.

Our hometown is Fraserburgh, Europe’s biggest shellfish port and the heart of Scotland’s fishing industry. We’ve been in business for over 40 years, building a reputation for service, reliable supply and - above all - exceptional quality. From here we’ve built a sourcing network and customer base covering Europe, delivering the very best fish to the most demanding of customers.

Where we come from fishing is a way of life, and we’re proud to continue that tradition. Even our name harks back to the place where our father was brought up as a child, in the 18th century village of Cairnbulg from Westhaven harbour, across from the fine sands of Whitelinks Bay. We currently employ more than 180 people in this part of Scotland - and around 230 worldwide - many of them from old fishing families. Of course we’ve added the latest technology in modern processing equipment and techniques. But our insistence on honest quality goes back centuries.

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Half the challenge in the fish business is getting the product to the customer while it’s still at its fresh, healthy, delicious best. We supply whole fish and seafood as well as prepared products, fresh and frozen, and operate a comprehensive logistics system to ensure that when our product gets to you, it’s as good as when we landed it.

If it swims in the North East Atlantic, then we most likely process it.

Our product range is always expanding to meet client demand, and we currently supply everything from whole turbot to monkfish cheeks and from frozen squid to graded fresh langoustines. We’re also delighted to prepare bespoke product to customers’ own specification.

  • {Nephrops Norvegicus}


    Based in Europe’s leading shellfish port, we have the pick of the very best, sourcing from carefully selected boats. We supply fresh and frozen whole langoustines, and shell-on, peeled or breaded frozen tails. We can also prepare langoustines to customers’ own specifications.

  • {Pecten maximus}


    A great favourite with professional chefs and growing in popularity amongst home cooks, scallops have a delicious sweet flavour and a meaty texture - and those harvested in Scotland are acknowledged to be amongst the best in the world. With our own scallop vessels sourcing the finest scallops, we can maintain a dependable and constant supply and sell them fresh or frozen, whole, on the half shell or cleaned.

  • {Loligo vulgaris}


    This abundant catch has always been sought after in Southern Europe, especially for dishes from the Mediterranean. It is also growing in popularity in Northern Europe. More commonly known as Calamari, we can grade, pack and supply whole squid, fresh or frozen.

  • Flat Fish

    From turbot - the king of fish - to everyday favourites like lemon sole, the cold clean waters of the North Sea produce some of the world’s best flat fish. We provide a regular and dependable supply of fresh lemon and dover sole, plaice, witch, megrim, halibut and turbot – fresh, frozen, whole or filleted, all of the very best quality.

  • {Salmo salar}


    Versatile, easy to cook and delicious, salmon is now an everyday favourite for families all over Europe. As a major producer, we source from Norway, Scotland and Ireland to guarantee our customers the best quality, traceability and sustainability. We supply a variety of types such as superior grades from Norway and Scotland, Label Rouge, and organic from Norway and Ireland. However you like your salmon we’ll provide it - fresh, frozen, smoked, whole, filleted or portions.

  • {Lophius piscatorius}


    Available year-round, monkfish yields firm-textured, meaty flesh a little like lobster. As there’s only one central bone in a monkfish tail, the fillets are easy to eat and simple to prepare. The monkfish itself isn’t known for being the prettiest of fish, with it’s flat head, huge mouth and menacing teeth, but the filleted meat is sweet, mild and delicious. We supply our monkfish as graded fillets, tails and cheeks – fresh or frozen – all to our customers' specification.

  • {Anarhichas lupus}


    With it’s long, cylindrical eel like body, and powerful teeth the catfish – also known as the Atlantic wolffish, is a unique looking species. Their teeth allow them to feed on shellfish like mussels and scallops, hence the sweet shellfish-like flavour to their flesh. It can be supplied as fresh whole fish, filleted or as frozen fillets.

  • {Gadus morhua}


    One of Britain’s favourite fish and just as popular throughout Europe, the Atlantic cod is a low fat flaky white meat fish full of protein which is often served battered or breaded, baked or fried. It’s versatility means we can process and supply in a variety of ways, from whole fresh packed cod to fresh, frozen and smoked fillets.

  • {Pollachius virens}


    Also known as saithe or coalfish, coley makes a great alternative to both cod and haddock. It has a nice, sweet-tasting flesh with a light texture, and can be supplied whole or filleted, fresh, frozen or smoked.

  • {Sepia officinalis}


    Similar to squid, cuttlefish is very popular in Mediterranean cuisines. Classic dishes featuring cuttlefish include risottos, pastas and Spanish tapas. The dark ink produced by the cuttlefish is used to colour black rice and pasta.

  • {Melanogrammus aeglefinus}


    The haddock’s clean white flesh and sweet taste makes it a popular choice for smoking, and it’s traditionally been used in kedgeree as well as Scottish dishes like Cullen Skink, or poached in milk for breakfast.

  • {Dipturus batis}


    Skate is one of the ray family of cartilaginous fish with a distinctive wide, flat shape. Skate has large ‘wings’ which are easy to cook, often fried in butter with capers, or poached with white-wine vinegar. The delicious flesh is a little like crab meat.

  • {Merluccius merluccius}


    Hake is a deep-sea member of the cod family, favouring waters which are around 200 meters deep. A popular fish around Europe, the hake has a subtle, mild flavour and although its white flakey flesh is naturally quite soft, when cooked it becomes firm and meaty similar to that of other whitefish species such as haddock and cod.


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Based in one of Europe’s most important fishing ports, we’re proud of our heritage and experience. We employ about 180 people here in Fraserburgh and another fifty or so further afield. And we all have fishing in our blood! Here are a few of the key players...

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